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Archive: Sep 2013

  1. Hot off the press – Passmores prospectus

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    We’ve been very busy in the last couple of months working on a number of exciting projects. One of the most recent has been the Passmores Academy prospectus (you know, those lovely folk from Educating Essex). Our in-house photographer Nigel Read work tirelessly capturing everything from community work and the school production to daily life and the stunning architecture. Yours truly (Emma Nicolson) went to work on the words, then Claire Wild, our brilliant designer, worked her magic creating a fresh look and feel.

    Passmores Academy Prospectus

    Hot off the press – Passmores prospectus

  2. Fabulous iPad finger painting

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    Seikou Yamaoka – finger painting on the iPad

    Amazing iPad finger painting

    Seikou Yamaoka’s incredible iPad finger paintings caught our attention earlier this month. He found that with his long hours commuting and working, getting the paint brushes out and preparing canvases was no longer feasible. Instead he turned his talents to his iPad, which he could use on the train to and from work. Watch some of his videos on YouTube and take a look at his website.

  3. Facebook to the rescue

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    We were delighted to hear this heart warming story about bunny reunited with its owner after a Facebook campaign attracted 30,000 people. Bunny seemed to be having fun with the children who found her but 18month Maddie Cross was lost without her favourite companion. We’re so glad bunny returned. Read a lovely account of the story here.

    Facebook to the rescue

    Facebook to the rescue

  4. 40 days of dating – delightfully designed!

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    40 days of dating

    Dating disaster is design triumph

    We’re always interested to know what our New York counterparts are up to. This summer we’re been riveted by the story of Jessica and Tim. The intrepid design duo (who’ve been friends and work colleagues for years) decided that just perhaps they were the answer to each other disastrous dating dilemmas. Desperate Jessica, is a self confessed hopeless romantic who falls passionately in love at the drop of the hat, she’s keen to cure herself and have some fun! Meanwhile Tim is a total commitment-phobe who often has more than one woman in his sights but runs a mile as soon as things get serious.

    They decided to date each other for 40 days. There were rules. They’d have to see each other every day, go to weekly relationship counselling sessions together, go away together for a long weekend, not ‘date’ anyone else, and record the events of each day by filling in a survey separately. The actual 40 days started way back in March but the documentation of events was only made live in the last few weeks. Each day has been accompanied by delicious design and typography, short videos and fun animation. Read their story on

  5. Apple iPhone 5C arrives

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    iPhone 5C

    iPhone 5C

    So the hotly anticipated Apple iPhone 5C has arrived. I have to say I’m not entirely sure about the acidic colour choices, I just don’t think it looks that sophisticated. However the rounded corners are reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS which had a certain je ne sais quois when it came to hand-feel. The matching interface is a nice touch, but again I can’t help but feel it looks a little like a child’s toy instead of a piece of high-tech gadgetry.

    The iPhone 5s however looks like a very different kettle of fish and would have us salivating if it wasn’t for the eye watering price tag that quite frankly leaves us all feeling a little queasy.


    The Telegraph has a great comparison article here 

    Alternatively have a look at Apple’s site here

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