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Support British Spaces

Our awareness campaign to get the British public supporting the spaces cared for by Organisations and Trusts

This campaign exists to spread positivity and support for membership organisations during this mysterious and tough era. The membership industry has been hit with low retention and acquisition figures as the general public make tough decisions on where to spend their money. Summer holidays have been cancelled and the travel industry looks diabolical for 2020.

A UK Staycation is on the cards for most of us but is this a bad thing? No. There are so many wonders of Britain to visit, this is our chance to have the best staycation ever.

Many of these wonders are run by and funded by the great endeavours of organisations and trusts. And they need your help.

Welcome to our campaign.
Love the UK. Support British Spaces.

How can you help?

The answer is simple, join a membership club! We can’t leave the country without a possible quarantine on our return so it’s time to tour Britain. An island of beauty, with most of the hotspots cared for by membership organisations and trusts.

With this in mind, surely more of us will take up membership to contribute to and make the most of the different organisations that champion Great Britain?

There are so many wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces for everyone to visit – you reap more benefits if you become a member of those places. In turn, your visit and membership supports them more than you could know.

The running costs of these spaces are relied on heavily through public support, membership fees and selfless volunteers so it’s vital we support them following the pandemic.

If you wanted to go the extra mile, most memberships welcome new volunteers and the extra support would be appreciated… plus as a volunteer you get a whole celebratory week dedicated to you! #VolunteersWeek

Some popular but wonderful membership choices are the National Trust and RHS, you have English Heritage, The Woodland Trust, RSPB, Royal Historic Palaces to name but a few. And not forgetting the spectacular indoor spaces too such as the extensive museums and galleries – IWM, The Tate, British Museum, The V&A… the list of memberships are endless!

Don’t forget there’s also membership for CAMRA who is currently driving campaigns to save breweries and the Great British pub – we need our pubs after lockdown…

Plus Caravan & Motorhome Club members will benefit from a post-lockdown staycation on one of their many camp sites – these are already open before the hotel industry.

So, plenty to make the National UK staycation a great one.

If there’s one thing for certain (apart from the obvious), lockdown has surely taught us to appreciate what’s on our doorsteps and make the most of our exquisite British spaces.

So, who will you join and support?

There's more to come so watch this space...

Thank you! Your subscription has been confirmed. You'll hear from us soon.
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