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Archive: Jun 2013

  1. Doing wonders for Westfield

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    Mulberry were approached back in April to create a website for Westfield’s ‘Spring into Summer’ event. The time of the initial brief through to the design, build and launch date took just 10 days. The website was CMS driven with a database to collect bookings for the various classes running throughout the event. The database could be exported and segmented by the client whenever they needed it. Within 48hours the event had sold out and the offering had to be increased and adapted to meet customer demands. Mulberry created automated triggered emails to confirm customers’ sign-up and variable data emails to remind customers of their bookings. Ben from Westfield had this to say about the process of working with us.

    “Thanks from me for delivering so comprehensively on the Spring into Summer project. The polished CMS for the database was over & above the spec & the design was absolutely spot on for the tone of the event.”

    Ben Hawker

    Brand Partnerships Manager

    Beautiful graphics at Westfield

    Mulberry created these super graphics for Westfield

    The success of the website led to the creation of all the graphics for both London Westfield sites. These were completed within a week and included multiple formats and sizes from polo shirts to changing room signs and huge stage graphics to flags – and everything in between!

    It was a fantastic project and we’re really looking forward working on the next one soon – watch this space…


  2. LinkedIn opts out

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    Members of LinkedIn offering what could be described as an ‘alternative’ business proposition are going to be left disappointed under the social network’s new and more restrictive user agreement. Those working in arguably the oldest profession on the planet are most definitely not welcome!


  3. #Facebook #Hashtags #Now!

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    Facebook have finally woken up to the idea that # (hashtags) are here to stay and are a must for any social media platform. Their recent introduction to the site means you can use them as a search tool in a similar way to twitter. To find out exactly what it means take a look at what Facebook say here.

    #Facebook #Hashtags #Now

    #Facebook introduces #Hashtags


  4. Latest app news

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    The gadget world has been enthralled by the high profile bidding wars for Waze – Facebook, Google and Apple were all reported as positively frothing at the mouth at the idea of becoming owners. The deal has now been closed with a spectacular $1 billion (£643m) from Google. You can read Google’s official blog article on the matter here.


  5. Design trends

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    Apple’s new iOS 7 updates have caused some controversy in design circles. The new look icons have received decidedly mixed reviews causing a marmite moment in the Apple fan-base. Here at Mulberry we are attempting to give Mr Ive the benefit of the doubt and hope that on-screen they look considerably better than in the released pictures.


  6. In other Apple news

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    Siri is also undergoing a re-vamp in the new iOS 7 software launch. Experts have claimed that when Siri was initially launched the dominant gender stereotypes of the nation where it was sold dictated the use of a male or female voice. Hence male in the UK and female in the US. In its new guise you’ll be able to choose between male or female voices for your Siri.


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