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Meet Jeremy

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Business Coach

When COVID hit the world and we all went into lockdown, Mulberry like many, many businesses was hit with a significant drop in projects. At the time of the first lockdown, the majority of our work was for Exhibitions and BIG Live Events. We decided to follow our own advice and market our way out of the pandemic. BUT we didn’t know where to start.

Our struggles in the early part of the pandemic have been well documented. It was always going to be a tricky time for our boutique agency. The number of major life events happening simultaneously for Claire and I were difficult enough, without the Coronavirus added into the mix.

So where’s a boutique marketing agency to go when they need help?

Well fortunately the business community has really pulled together and fellow agency owners joined forces and pooled resources to help each other survive.

From this supportive network we were introduced to the amazing Jeremy Graham-Clare from ActionCoach. His guidance and advice have been invaluable in helping us grow our business through the last year.

He has helped us reach out to clients new and old and recognise how we had perhaps been hiding our light rather under a bushel. He made us realise that while we thought we were giving you all great insight into all our service offerings – in fact we were being pigeon-holed into a single service offering for many, just because we weren’t getting the word out.

We are great at communicating for our clients, but we hadn’t put enough time into our own comms!

We have been putting a lot more time and effort into this and it’s been great to reconnect with everyone and take on some really exciting projects this year.

Jeremy is an amazing coach, no matter what sector your business is in. Please do connect with him if you want to boost your business. He’s a really great guy to talk to, and everyone needs a little of Jeremy’s positivity in their lives.

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