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Design Trends for 2020

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We take a look at 5 of the hottest trends that are worth incorporating into your marketing over the next year…

1. Liquids

Go with the flow in 2020

The prediction gurus at Graphic Mama have gazed into their crystal ball and are hailing ‘liquid’ as a key trend for 2020…

“As opposed to geometric shapes which have strictly fixed edges and curves, liquidy shapes suggest creativity, agility, and movement. Leaving out the edges helps achieve a smooth, soft look which many designers want to recreate. As such, they definitely make it into graphic design trends 2020, often combined with other effects, such as semi-transparency, bright colors and color gradients, animations, etc.”

Enjoy a fluid future

We are inclined to agree, but I also believe that living in a time of very divisive political and environmental issues, we’re all beginning to crave a kinder, more fluid and flexible attitude.

Graphic Mama

The ‘liquid revolution’ is a creative way of demonstrating a more measured and diplomatic approach. The result of using this device in creative marketing is a subconscious emphasis on tolerance, openness and inclusivity.

2. Cyberpunk Colour Schemes

Adrianne Mesnard, the Art Director at 99designs, predicts that “Futuristic color schemes and designs will be on trend next year, continuing with the isometric trend and bringing in colors like blues and purples and hot pink to give designs that futuristic glowing feel.”

In a world full of marketing noise, standing out from the crowd is the holy mecca for graphic designers. Colour has always been a way to achieve this. In 2020 creatives are playing with extremes.

Heavily influenced by futuristic and sci-fi themes – colour has gone electric! We’re seeing a move away from the more naturalistic and nostalgic palettes of recent years and into a more neon Blade Runner-esque world of Japanese Urbanism.

3. Inventive Typography

Keep ahead of the curve…

In 2019 we saw a sharp rise in the use of bold typography. This will only grow throughout 2020, particularly the use of typography to create images and shapes within the design.

Graphic Mama suggests typography will be used in “Twirls, circles, or simply curves following the curves of other elements in the design.”

4. 3-D, 360°, VR and AR

Be a Busy Bee in 3-D

You’ll see more of this tech being used in creative design and marketing. Truly bringing your brand to life.

The clever people at Behance tell us “3d renderings have changed gradually with the emergence of increasingly efficient software and tools. 3d illustrations have become very popular because, unlike the 2d ones, it offers a more realistic image.”

Certainly at Mulberry we’ve seen how 3-D animation has become more affordable and a viable option for projects – even those with a modest budget.

4. Animated logo Design

A trend we’re keeping a watchful eye on at the moment is animated logo design. Changes are afoot at Mulberry (you heard it here first).

Behance tell us “You have already understood that animations are a “must have” in 2020, and in order to remain competitive we must also integrate them in logo design. Many companies have started to animate their logos to draw attention to them. This is also the main trend in logo design.”

The important thing to remember with any type of logo design is that it will need to work in multiple formats and sizes… so start with a strong design, not an animation. A strong logo design will naturally lend itself to a little animation as long as you have a spark of imagination and a dollop of creative engineering.

Best of the rest…

There are a number of trends that you will see continuing in 2020. The use of montone/duotone was popular in 2019 and isn’t going anywhere. In 2020 you’ll see it combined with those key cyberpunk acid-colours of electric blue, purple, turquoise and pink.

Patterns and prints are also here to stay – this time think, pretty crazy and colourful – reminiscent of the Memphis Group’s work of the 80s and early 90s.

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