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Archive: Mar 2015

  1. New Inks set to revolutionise designs

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    We’ve worked with ink and paper companies so we’re always interested in any new developments – so we were fascinated by Gillian Garside-Wight’s article on a new technology…

    Take a look at the work we’ve done with Security Papers and Luminescence

    Gillian Garside-Wight of Sun Branding Solutions has an inkling of what the future holds… She discovered DJ QBert’s latest album Extraterrestria in January and sat up and took note. What grabbed her wasn’t the music but the interactive cover.

    It wasn’t your usual ‘scan-here-with-an-app’ job. Instead, technology start up Novalia had partnered with the artist to incorporate interactive ink across his vinyl covers.

    This means that, using the album’s app, fans can mix and loop the tracks by sliding their hands across the inked decks on the cover. It’s a revolutionary take on interactivity and engagement that can be used across the packaging arena.

    Take a look…

    Read Gillian’s full article>

  2. Adobe Photoshop celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

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    In honor of the 25th anniversary of Adobe Photoshop, CreativeLive asked 8 Photoshop experts to try their hand at Photoshop 1.0. Take a look at the results in this amusing video.


    Do you remember the first pack?



    It’s quite different to the latest incarnation – I have to say I quite like the cleanness of the original, I also have to admit to a soft spot for the original font too… but there’s no denying it does look pretty dated!



  3. Origami Dogs in London

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    Life insurance provider Beagle Street released the pounds on the 25th of March, with a total of 500 paper pooches left to roam The Capital. This great bit of PR, follows research that shows that the average person overpays on their life insurance premium by £109 a year – which means you’re looking at ‘wasting’ £3,270 over a 30-year term.


    Beagle Street aims to put money back into your pocket with cheaper life insurance policies. Matthew Gledhill, managing director of Beagle Street, was reported as saying: “Hopefully our £10 note Beagles will put a smile on people’s faces and pounds back into their pockets.

    “The life insurance industry has been slow to adapt to the online revolution, but just as companies have used the Internet to slash the cost of services from air travel to accommodation, Beagle Street is using technology to remove unnecessary costs from life insurance.

    “We’ve eliminated middlemen, medicals and meetings for example, which has meant passing on savings to customers who pay 30 per cent cheaper premiums on average.”


    Keep your eyes peeled for more rovers roaming your way –  the stunt is being repeated in other UK cities in the following weeks.


    See the full story>


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