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Archive: Jan 2014

  1. Social media stats that are a complete eye-opener!

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    We love statistics at Mulberry, it’s always fascinating looking at current trends – whether it’s the hottest colour palettes, funky new web layouts or facts and figures behind public opinion. These latest social media findings are truly surprising and we thought you’d be interested in them too.

    Did you know for example that You Tube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18–34 than any cable network? Or that 8. 25% of smart phone owners aged 18–44 say they can’t recall the last time their smart phone wasn’t next to them?

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  2. Glitter nail varnish saves the day!

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    Many people fit tamper-proof seals over ports and screws on their laptops etc. but these can easily be cleanly opened or replicated quickly by people with minimal training.

    Security researchers Eric Michaud and Ryan Lackey have the answer – create a seal that cannot be copied. Glitter nail varnish is perfect for making a seal because it creates a completely random pattern – unlike standard paint or a sticker.

    Once applied, a photo can be taken on a device such as a smart phone that doesn’t leave your side – or can be left at home – to ensure the image has not been tampered with.

    Taking a second picture once you’ve returned from a trip or become suspicious that your laptop has been meddled with, then running the two through a program that allows the two images to be rapidly switched between, means you can spot any differences – showing if the glitter nail polish has been removed and repainted.

    The technique is inspired by that used by astronomers to spot minute changes in the night sky.

    In the next few months the pair plan release a cheap piece of software that allows the images to be easily analysed, as well as enabling a second step so a device cannot be connected to a company system – potentially compromising it – until the images have been verified.


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  3. Mulberry & Westfield are a festive match made in heaven

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    Mulberry were more than happy to help Westfield out of a creative bind for their ‘Skate in Style’ event held at their White City shopping centre. It was wonderful seeing all our design work, across the whole of London – with animated screens on escalators throughout many train stations including King’s Cross.

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  4. Devil Baby takes Manhattan

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    New Yorkers were terrified by the spawn of Satan recently, when the creative team, behind soon-to-be released film Devil’s Due, decided to unleash their scary animatronic skills. It’s a superb publicity stunt with some hilarious reactions! Watch the above video of the Devil baby prank.

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